Marjon Sport & Health

Studiose worked closely with Plymouth Marjon University to upgrade the Sport & Health section of the university’s website during a big effort to improve various other areas of the main site.

The old site was incredibly difficult to use, with multiple layers of nested pages and hard to find content. High traffic areas were quickly highlighted and then promoted by quick links from the Sport & Health home page, including pool times and membership information. Lower level pages were also given a refresh by wrapping content into masonry-styled sections, making content easy to digest and distinguish.

The overall design of the Marjon Sport & Health site is based on the design of the primary Plymouth Marjon University website to ensure a visual connection between the two sites, however the S&H site uses more of the ‘sporty’ colour palette.

Project Included

  • Web design
  • Web development
"Our agency Studiose have just completed an enormous project making more improvements to the Marjon website. The biggest and most noticeable factor is the new Marjon Sport and Health Centre pages. Before the change, these were pretty hard work, with the most visited page on our entire site (swimming pool timetable) hidden a few layers down. Now, we look like a competitive and organised Sport and Health Centre".

Katy Willis Director of Marketing and Student Experience - Marjon