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Persuasive Digital & Print Design

Buy Original Xanax Online, How To Buy Xanax From Canada

This site is painstakingly close to completion but we wanted to share it anyway.

The site is completely responsive giving mobile and tablet users a tailored experience.

An extensive shoot around the rustic forge in Dartington, near Totnes in Devon.

A days shoot documenting Joff’s Commission work around South Devon.

Product photography shot on-site at the forge.

Studiose were commissioned to create a new website to showcase the Metal Pig Forge commissioned work and promote their online product catalogue to its full potential. Projects like this don’t come along very often so we jumped at the chance to work with such a highly acclaimed local artisan.

Apprenticed to a Master Blacksmith for four years, Joff Hopper furthered his study by completing a HND at Europe’s largest blacksmithing college in Hereford. Joff’s work attracted a great deal of attention and he received awards for excellence while he was still at college. As a result he was invited to collaborate with highly respected blacksmiths both in the UK and around Europe.

A member of the British Blacksmithing Association (BABA), Joff has exhibited extensively since setting up his own forge, collecting a string of prestigious awards including the title of National Champion Blacksmith in 2007.

Joff’s award-winning Metal Pig Forge has been delivering premium bespoke ironwork commissions since 1995. He’s recently created the entrance gates to Royal Ascot as well as a long line of bespoke commissions for large south Devon home owners. Metal Pig Forge also offers more affordable ornamental pieces to adorn homes and gardens.


We knew photography would be the most powerful way to tell the story of Joff’s work. We arranged a three-day shoot to capture the forge (near Totnes), a list of his projects around South Devon, and his range of made to order products. This has given Joff a catalogue of professional images that he can use not only on the website, but also across all of his promotional material for the next five years on the web or in print.


Joff also recognised the need for good copy across the whole site. Studiose supplied professional product descriptions for items in the shop as well as carefully crafted text for the main pages of the website and the portfolio area. This was all delivered with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind so that Joff’s new site would rank favourably for his main keywords.

Design & development

Joff’s work sits comfortably within the luxury market so the design was created to reflect this: simple yet elegant with a subtle spark of his personality. The unique design is clean and easy to navigate, completely responsive and fully content managed.


The responsive website is integrated with WooCommerce which is a powerful and fully supported WordPress ecommerce plugin. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce enables small businesses like Metal Pig Forge to have an online shop without paying extortionate rates for custom software.

We’re really proud of the site and believe it’s one of our best to date.

Project Included

  • Location Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce