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Persuasive Digital & Print Design

Cheap Xanax Overnight, Xanax Where To Buy Uk

Cheap Xanax Overnight, Xanax Where To Buy Uk

The Niche Retreat brief was simple: they needed a website that was easily content managed, responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop devices by a wide range of potential customers and generate bookings amongst a crowded tourism market. Easy.

The website is sympathetic to Niche Retreats’ existing branding which derives from the colour of the sea in that area. The new site is completely responsive to enable visitors using mobiles or tablet devices to have as good an experience as desktop visitors.

The entire site is content managed allowing updates to cottage availability and prices, image galleries, embedded YouTube videos, Google Maps, news, offers and lots more.

The Niche Retreats website integrates with a 3rd party online booking website which avoids the needless cost in producing something bespoke. We developed an availability calendar so it’s possible to compare dates for all the cottages in one area at one time. This is also filtered by Friday and Saturday changeovers as well as dog-friendly properties, all to help the visitor make their cottage selection.

Studiose shot location photography around Porthleven in Cornwall for the new website. The images were then used to their maximum potential to portray the essence of Cornwall.

Studiose has also started shooting cottage interior photography. There’s plenty to do in Porthleven and Caerhays but finding time when the cottages aren’t booked up is slowing us down!

Project Included

  • Responsive website design and development
  • Location and interior photography
  • Printed material
  • Banner advertising
"Studiose has managed to refresh our website incorporating their design and passion for the South West. Studiose has made our site device friendly and SEO friendly and also incorporated their eye for photography. Naturally from this we have incorporated our print work with Studiose. This mirrors the design of web presence and compliments our brand. Our experience working with Studiose has been easy, smooth and hassle free and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again or recommend their work."

Matt & Katja Osborne Company Owners