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Persuasive Digital & Print Design

Can You Order Xanax From Canada - Where To Buy Xanax Uk

A series of bespoke icons were created to represent each of the Athenaeums facilities.

An avatar was created for across social media channels that symbolises the 1960s architecture of the Athenaeum building.

Can You Order Xanax From Canada - Where To Buy Xanax Uk

The Plymouth Athenaeum is about to be ‘reborn’, again.

The theatre was founded in 1812, and since 1819 has been located on its present city centre site next to The Reel Cinema. The 1819 building, known as ‘The Athenaeum’, was destroyed in the 1941 blitz, together with the museum, library and lecture room. The current building was opened in 1961, when its name was changed from ‘The Plymouth Institution’ to ‘The Plymouth Athenaeum’. It includes a local interest library, lecture room, large lounge and a 340 seat auditorium.

New funding means the theatre will undergo a much needed upgrade of its facilities and in turn, be able to host bigger and more regular theatre performances, strengthening its partnerships with the Barbican Theatre and University of Plymouth.

Studiose have created an interim website for The Plymouth Athenaeum to help raise their profile during the transition period with special care taken to make the website responsive and easy to use by audiences of all ages.

Studiose have also created a new logo which echoes the buildings 1960s architecture but will also appeal to their broad audience. The start of a fresh new brand is also being developed that will roll out across social media and beyond in time to come.

Very exciting times to come – we’ll keep you posted.

Project Included

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Illustration
  • Photography
"Studiose provided first-class class service and an excellent revamp of The Plymouth Athenaeum's website. They also designed fantastic new logos. The post handover service has been superb too, resolving problems very speedily. I would strongly recommend Studiose for website and design work."

Owen Ryles FRSA Honorary General Secretary