Yacht Race Tracking & Data Playback

TracAce displays GPS data, from assigned yacht trackers, on a map where spectactors can watch live race action, or watch at a later date, making for safer sailing and enhanced spectator accessibility and better club organisation. The dynamic shorebased race management tool also includes handicapped corrections, live leader boards, race statistics and analysis tools to enhance performance.

Race organisers can create race series, events and races within a bespoke back-end, plot the race marker buoys, start and finish lines and then associate boats, crew details and sponsor logos.

During live races or race playback, individual boat positions and their routes are displayed with colour coded graphics and ID pop-ups, boat speeds and helm names. On playback, races can be viewed at various speeds, track specific boats as well as various map display options.

Races are archived to a central website, allowing anyone to watch races at the clubhouse, at home or on a mobile device.

The MVP project is now into Phase II…

Project Included

  • Custom API integration
  • Custom back-end development
  • Web design and development
  • Animation
  • Print design