SHARK SUPs – An international rebrand

A collaborative project to rebrand Shark SUPS, an established eastern paddle board company, to appeal to a European market.

The design team researched sharks, their characteristics, diversities and their 400 million year evolution to become an apex predator. We discovered sharks have evolved a skin made of tiny teeth called dermal denticles, that helps to propel them forward. ‘Constant Forward Motion’ is a necessity for a sharks survival and the perfect statement to reflect the brands mission to evolve SUP design, manufacturing and technology.

Brand guidelines were created to ensure a consistent application of the logo, tone of voice, colour and patterns, across products and printed and digital communications.

Studiose designed the full range of 2020 iSUPs, across 8 ranges, totalling 20 boards. A full days photoshoot took place on a beach in south Devon, bringing together products and accessories seen for the first time, 20+ people, tides and changeable weather.

Studiose Creative Director, Simon, paddling with his kids on the SHARK SUPs Family board.

Studiose also designed a full range of accessories and apparel.

The final product launch at PaddleExpo 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The challenge: Rebrand a Chinese paddle board manufacturer called Shark SUPs to appeal to a European marketplace.

Sharks SUPs have been producing quality inflatable stand up paddleboards for many of the leading brands since 2014 as well as making their own products. Shark SUPs want to become a trusted brand in Europe but to do so, had to appeal to a different marketplace.

Queue Devon Dream team…

Deep investigation into the iSUP market soon highlighted that by focussing on their vision to make boards with minimal environmental impact, would differentiate Shark SUPs from their growing competition and appeal to conscientious paddle boarders.

With help from the Plymouth based charity, The Shark Trust, we researched shark evolution and characteristics and discovered their need to be in ‘constant forward motion’ in order to survive.

Things from that point got really interesting and CONSTANT FORWARD MOTION became the mission statement for the new SHARK SUPs.

We’ve created the visual identity, brand guidelines, paddle board and accessory design, website design and development, interactive 3D product renders, exhibition stand, 2020 brochure and product user guide. We’re also helping with industry changing innovations…

We’ve partnered SHARK SUPs with The Shark Trust to help raise important awareness of sharks and to educate people of their critical role in our ecosystem. So not only does the new brand have depth, we’re helping to protect the ecosystem we paddle in.

Creative Director Simon Edwin says:
“Investing the time to perform research like we did has resulted in a brand with real depth as well as stylish products that will educate and inspire. This is then amplified with the relationship with The Shark Trust to raise shark awareness. It doesn’t get any better.”

More about Shark Inspired Design.

This has been an international project with a client based in China, with all contact via email or telephone. We met the client for the first time, the day of the brand and product launch in Nuremberg, Germany, at PaddleExpo 2019. He was as excited to see us as we were to see our work finally realised.

Working alongside Gemma Glover of CCS Moments (Strategy & Marketing), this is an ongoing project with plans already laid down for the next 3-5 years.

Project Included

  • Market research and strategy
  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Paddleboard design
  • Accessory design
  • Lifestyle and product photography (on location)
  • Website design and development
  • Interactive 3D renders
  • Exhibition stand (Germany)
  • Brochure design
  • User guides
“...I wanted to tell you how your design and your teamwork has changed the brand and our company. Looking forward to finally meeting you and the team at Paddle Expo in Nuremberg.”

Alan Xu Founder & CEO