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Persuasive Digital & Print Design

Buy Generic Xanax Online Cheap, Purchase Alprazolam 2Mg

A set of bespoke icons were created and used throughout the app.

Stand-up-paddleboarding (SUP) is one the fastest growing sports in the world. Variations include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), Paddle board yoga and even fishing.

GEOSUP had been in development for around 6 months when Studiose was approached to take the functioning app to not only improve the UI (user interface) but to also look at the UX (user experience) and make suggestions on how it could be improved.

We used the app for two weeks to record various types of journey and were able to suggest improvements and adjustments.

Ease of use was crucial in the design of the app due to where and how it would be used. The UI is clean, bold and easy for cold, wet fingers to operate while on the water.

Navigating between the options during the Record process was also vital. Being able to switch between various screens to view session information, location services and to add media was important to ensure app success and ultimately to encourage the user to posting their sessions to the GEOSUP community for all to see and enjoy.

The app will soon have a second round of design to address the PRO options where another level of session information will be available to analyse and share with the global SUP community.


All members of Studiose have started paddle boarding since working on the app.

Project Included

  • User experience (UX) improvement
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Bespoke iconography
“The team at Studiose have worked closely with us on large website and complex mobile app projects. They have delivered projects covering graphic design, user interface design, branding and all aspects of technical web / app development. Always easy to deal, delivering on time and very passionate about their work. I would highly recommend them.”

Will Rogers Owner of GEOSUP and SUP Boarder Magazine

Buy Generic Xanax Online Cheap, Purchase Alprazolam 2Mg