Stop. Start, Continue…

Special consideration was given to how the app icon would be displayed on the App Store and IOS home screens.

Art direction was provided on colour usage throughout the App.

Long term friends Good Day Yellow came back to Studiose at the end of 2016 with an idea for a IOS app based on coaching and relationship improvement. Studiose were asked to create the branding and provide art direction to guide the app developers based in Mexico.

We paid careful consideration how the brand would display across the App Store, IOS home screens and of course within the app environment.

The no nonsense App is a direct link to the services already provided by Good Day Yellow so the branding needed to follow the same approachable and journey focused theme. We of course used the same colours and typography to make an immediate link.

Punctuation was used to sublty enhance the idea of Stop. Start, Continue… Clever huh!

The App will soon be available on the App Store, and we’ll post a link here when it makes an appearance. In the meantime, we’re working on a big upgrade to the Good Day Yellow website.

Project Included

  • Branding
  • Art Direction
“A great service from friendly knowledgeable people who understand our vision for Good Day Yellow Ltd and help us get great results. Thank you!”

Nicky Cowling Director of Good Day Yellow