Want2GoThere – Inspirational search tool

The ‘Want2GoThere’ Inspirational search tool uses interactive maps and image galleries, features and promotes all the destinations available from your airport, providing visitors with an interactive searching for destinations that best suit their personal requirements.

Packed full of holiday recommendations, reviews and useful destination information and flight schedules, Want2GoThere is a unique and complementary addition to your airport website.

Displaying an airport’s full destination list was an integral part of the project. Historically, a Flash-based mapping system was used which was unavailable for IOS users. The new platform utilises Google Maps with styled destination pop-ups linked to the database and flight schedules.

The search engine was designed in such a way that a new site can be created, branded with specific clients’ colours and managed by the powerful CMS.

The team behind the search engine have plans to roll it out across a whole range of holiday types and sub-brands. More than 40 of these have already been designed and are ready to use.

Project Included

  • Branding and sub-branding
  • Airport branded
  • Interactive destination map
  • Dynamically updates routes
  • Destination guides